This is a complete kit including Classic MQ Developer, Low Odor Stop Bath and Flic Quick Fixer. The kit also comes with explicit instructions of how to develop black and white film and a chart of development times for most current black and white films. Each kit will develop 10 rolls of 35mm or 120 film


This is a classic black and white film developer offering fine grain results along with full film speed, high shadow detail, and normal contrast. This powdered developer can be used straight or diluted 1:1 for increased sharpness with slightly more graininess. The developer’s ability to produce a long tonal scale with low fog also benefits its use for push processing. Development times for D-76 developer can be used for Classic MQ. Comes in 1 litre and four litre pouches. Capacity is approximately 12 rolls per litre.


A developer specifically designed for motion picture film, it is a low contrast developer for managing highlights and shadows in the most demanding conditions. It can be used stock or diluted 1:1 for a sharper image with slightly more graininess. This is the go to developer for Kodak Double-X, Orwo UN54 and N75 as well as Lomography Potsdam and Berlin Kino 400 cinema films. Development time starting points are 7 minutes for stock and 10.5 minutes for 1:1. Comes in 1 litre and four litre pouches. Capacity is approximately 12 rolls per litre.

MQ-19 Black and White Developer

MQ-19 is a high contrast, clean working developer that produces brilliant negatives with short development times. It keeps well and has high capacity. It is recommended for continuous tone work that requires higher than normal contrast. Use Kodak D-19 development times.


A very environmentally friendly developer that can safely be flushed down the drain or into your septic system without guilt or harm. The active developer is Vitamin C and the superadditive is Phenidone, long known as a low toxin developer. The developers are carried in an alkaline solution that is commonly used for a hand cream emulsifier and a pH balancer in shampoo. Shelf life is very long. It is a high concentration developer that is diluted 1:49 and can be mixed as needed. Use development times for Kodak D-76 1:2. This comes in a 250ml bottle which will make 12.5 litres of working solution with a total capacity of 50 rolls of film and a 500ml bottle which will make 25 litres of working solution with a total capacity of 100 rolls of film.


Flic Film Low Odour Stop Bath is a citric acid stop bath which stops further development of film when used as part of a standard development, stop and fix process. Using a stop bath neutralizes the developer which definitively sets the development time and prolongs the life of the fixer. Comes in a 200gram bottle. Mixed 20g (3.5 teaspoons) to a litre, one bottle will make 10 litres of stop bath. Each litre has a capacity of 12 rolls of film for a total package capacity of 120 rolls of film.


Flic Quick Fixer is an easy to use non-hardening rapid fixer concentrate that is diluted 1 part concentrate to three parts water for film and 1 part concentrate with 6 parts water for paper (250ml size) or diluted 1 part concentrate to four parts water for film and 1 part concentrate with 8 parts water for paper (500ml and 1 litre size) . It is suitable for all black and white film and paper. It contains no Hypo so does not require a Hypo Clearing Agent prior to washing. Flic Quick Fixer is available in 250ml bottles (20 roll capacity), 500ml bottles (40 roll capacity), 1 litre concentrated formula  bottles (100 roll capacity) and a concentrated formula 4 litre jug, 400 roll capacity.

FLIC Hypo-Check

Flic Hypo-Check is used to determine if fixer has reached exhaustion. Put one or two drops in some fixer and if it turns cloudy, the fixer is exhausted


Flic Allergen Free Fixer is an easy to use non-hardening fixer that is odorless and contains no ammonia or sulfur dioxide. Many people develop sensitivity to fixers after long term use. The culprits in this sensitivity have been identified as ammonia in rapid style fixers and sulfur dioxide in hypo style fixers. Flic Allergen Free Fixer contains no ammonia and has been formulated to not create sulfur dioxide when mixed. The use of Flic Low Odor Stop Bath is recommended to avoid the chances of a sulfur dioxide reaction that can occur with the use of acetic acid stop baths.


Flic Allergen Free Fixer is a hypo style fixer and the use of Hypo-Clearing agent in the final wash is highly recommended in order to save water and time.



Slick-200 is a wetting agent for the final rinse of both color and black and white negatives. Slick-200 decreases the surface tension of water so that it flows evenly off the negative surface preventing water marks and streaks that would otherwise be produced during drying. Mix 5 ml of Slick-200 to a litre of water. One 250 ml bottle will make 50 litres of wetting agent.


Flic Hypo-Clearing Agent is used to save water and time during the wash period following fixing with non-rapid fixers. Comes in two sizes, 1 litre and 4 litre



A four litre kit of traditional style paper developer. Stock solution may be kept for 6 months in a fully stoppered bottle. Dilutions can vary from 1:1 to 1:4 depending upon the desired contrast and tone. Development times same as Kodak Dektol.


MQ-52 is a long-life developer designed for the development of warm-tone papers. It produces the same image tone and contrast as Quintol, remains clear during use and has high development capacity. Mix one part stock solution with 1 part water. For average results, develop for 2 minutes at 20C (68F). For a warmer tone, develop 90 seconds. Increased development (up to 4 minutes) will produce cooler tones. Comes in one litre and four litre sizes.

Phenatol Green

The only environmentally friendly paper developer on the Market, Phenatol Green is used much like Quintol. Dilutions are 1 part stock solution with 1 part water for high-contrast prints, 1 part stock solution with 2 parts water for less contrast, 1:3 for normal contrast and 1:4 for low contrast prints. Comes in a 4 litre size.

Developing Kit for Pinhole Photography

This kit contains enough chemistry for 30 4X5 sheets of photo paper exposed in a pinhole camera. Included are 10 sheets of Pearl RC paper and instructions for use.

4X5 RC Pearl photo paper for Pinhole Photography or paper negatives

10 sheets of 4X5 RC Pearl paper


Blue toner

Flic Blue Toner is a three part package that will make 1 litre of toner. It is odorless.

Copper toner

Flic Copper Toner is a two part package that will make 2 litres of toner. It is odorless. Copper Toner will give tones from purple/brown to chalk red depending on the amount of time the print sits in the toner.

Sepia toner (low odor)

Flic Sepia Toner is a three part package that will make 2 litres of toner. It is nearly odorless.  Sepia Toner will give a look of a sepia print from the 1800s.