Precision Temperature Water Bath

The Precision Temperature Water Bath is custom built to fit four 500ml square bottles (included with the kit) and a Paterson Tank (not included with the kit). The tanks are guaranteed to hold the temperature to within 0.1 degree Celsius. The units are built with smart tech thermostats and variable voltage heaters so that there is no oscillation around the target temperature. Home color developing will be infinitely easier with these kits.

Water Bath Accessories

500ML Square Bottle

Water Bath Accessories

600ML Rectangular Bottle

Film Developer’s Tool Kit

All the tools you need to develop film at home, an excellent addition to a change bag. The kit includes a 1 Litre graduated cylinder, 500ml graduated cylinder, a timer, digital thermometer, 35mm canister opener, 3 1000ml storage bottles and four 500ml storage bottles.


A 30cm (12″0 stainless steel stir stick with a spoon end, a must for mixing photo chemicals.

15 Inch, 26″ and 40″ Cable Releases

Cable releases for many types of film cameras, three sizes available.

Change Bag

60cm x 55cm change bag

Digital Thermometer

Very accurate fast acting thermometer

Digital Timer

Stand up or wall mount timer with a nice loud alarm

Graduate Cylinders


Graduate Cylinders


Silicone Blower (Hurricane Blower)

Large silicon blower, fits the palm of your hand

Air Blower, Medium

Pinch Caps

49MM, 52MM, 55MM, 58MM
62MM, 67MM, 72MM, 77MM, 82MM

135 to 120 adapter

You can spend untold amounts of money on a Hasselblad X-Pan and pay even more money for your choice of only three lenses…. or you can buy an inexpensive alternative for panoramic shooting and have a huge variety of lenses available. The two piece adapter set will fit any medium format camera.

Storage Bottles


Retro Style Camera Strap

Great quality 60s/70s style camera straps

Retro Style Camera Strap Collection

Kaiser Slimlite Plano DSLR Scanning Light Table

Color accurate light table for DSLR scanning

100mmX100mm filters, to fit Lee or Cokin, optical resin (made by the same people that supply Cokin):

100mm ND filter set including 2, 4 and 8 stop filters

100mm Black and White filter kit, red, yellow, orange and yellow/green filters

100mm Glass CPL

100mm ND 0.9 (8 stop)

100mm ND 0.6 (4 stop) 

100mm ND 0.3 (2 stop)

100mm Red

100mm Orange

100mm Yellow

100mm Yellow/Green 

UV Filters

Description Coming Soon

Circular Polarizers

Description Coming Soon

Colored Filters

Description Coming Soon

Colored Filters

Description Coming Soon

Kodak Double-X


Wolfen 100


Wolfen 100 bulk roll


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