5 Reloadable Cassettes

Get 5 reloadable cassettes instead of wasting a new one every time. Comes apart perfectly with the use of the Flic Pic

Quic Pic

Made with durable injected ABS plastic, the new Quic Pic makes quick work of opening plastic cassettes. Used for opening up cassettes in the dark or for bulk loading film. Check out the video below for how to use the Quic Pic.

35mm Film Cannister Opener

Throw away the bottle opener! Buy the tool made for the job. This hardened steel opener will give you years of use. This precisely machined tool makes opening steel cassettes in the dark a breeze.

Film Picker

Use this fancy tool to grab the end of a film roll thats stuck inside the cassette! No more opening it to get that stubborn tail.

Flic Film Double Shot

This half-frame camera is awesome for taking photos on the go. Not to mention making that 36 frame roll into 72 frames! Although if 72 frames is too much, it pairs well with our new UltraPan 18.  It’s got a 28mm f/8 lens with a fixed shutter of 1/120s and free focus past 1.8m

Flic Time Clock

In it’s vintage tin, our new Flic clock keeps time perfectly so you’re never late for your photography adventures. 

Precision Temperature Water Bath

The Precision Temperature Water Bath is custom built to fit four 500ml square bottles (included with the kit) and a Paterson Tank (not included with the kit). The tanks are guaranteed to hold the temperature to within 0.1 degree Celsius. The units are built with smart tech thermostats and variable voltage heaters so that there is no oscillation around the target temperature. Home color developing will be infinitely easier with these kits.

600ml Square Bottle

Perfect for use with the Precision Temperature Water Bath

Bulk Film Loader

Easy to use, economical, dust free loader for bulk loading 100′ reels of bulk film. Bulk load Flic Film and save!

500ml Square Bottle

Perfect for use with the Precision Temperature Water Bath

Bulk Loading Cassette Kit

Get the Quic Pic and 5 cassettes all in one package

4×5 Film Holder

The perfect 4X5 Film holder to use with Paterson Multi Reel 3 tank

Large Format Lens Retainer Wrench

Its a Lens wrench for retainer rings on large format lenses. This wrench is made of hard stainless steel and won’t bend with regular use.

Archival Negative Files

Archival negative files are made with archival grade plastic for the safe storage of your negatives. Each 135 sheet will hold 135 film in seven rows of five.  The 120 sheets will hold twelve frames of 6X6cm or 6X4.5cm or 8 frames of 6X7cm and four frames of 6X17cm. The 4X5 sheets will hold four 4X5 negatives.

Film Developer’s Tool Kit

All the tools you need to develop film at home, an excellent addition to a change bag. The kit includes a 1 Litre graduated cylinder, 500ml graduated cylinder, a timer, digital thermometer, 35mm canister opener, 3 1000ml storage bottles and four 500ml storage bottles.

Spir Stik

A 30cm (12″) stainless steel stir stick with a spoon end. A must for mixing photo chemicals.

Bamboo Print Tong Set

Bamboo Tongs with plastic coated ends to protect your prints from scratches. These come in a set of three, one each for your developer, stop and fixer. They’re even color coded to keep track of which chemical they’ve been used in.

Stainless Steel Print Tong Set

Stainless steel tongs with plastic coated ends to protect your prints from scratches. These come in a set of three, one each for your developer, stop and fixer. They’re even color coded to keep track of which chemical they’ve been used in.

Change Bag

This 60cm x 55cm change bag,is sealed to ensure your operation goes smoothly without light leaks. Its 100% light-proof with a built-in zipper to secure changing and loading the film.

Cable Release

Cable releases for many types of film cameras, three sizes available.

Digital Thermo-meter

A very accurate and fast acting thermometer for all your Film needs.

Digital Timer

It’s a stand up or wall mount timer with a nice loud alarm. You can’t miss it!

Graduate Cylinders

It’s always nice to have a variety of Graduated Cylinders available. complete your stock with any of our 1000ml, 500m,l 250ml, or 100ml cylinders.

Silicone/ Hurricane Blower

This large silicon blower fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.

135 to 120 Adapter

You can spend untold amounts of money on a Hasselblad X-Pan and pay even more money for your choice of only three lenses…. or you can buy an inexpensive alternative for panoramic shooting and have a huge variety of lenses available. The two piece adapter set will fit any medium format camera.

Air Blower, Medium

This Medium Air Blower is a great alternative to the silicone air blower if you’d like a smaller size to fit in your camera bag

120 to 130 Adapter Set (4pcs) (120 Spool Not Included)

On the left is an old 130 film spool, on the right a 120 spool with Flic 130 adapters. There are 4 adapters per kit. 130 film was used with the following Kodak cameras: Autographic Kodak Junior, Autographic Kodak Special, No. 2C Brownie, No. 2C Folding Autgraphic Brownie, N. 2C Pocket Kodak, Autographic Kodak Series III, Kodak Cartridge Premo, No 2C Pocket Kodak Special.

Pinch Caps

(Sold in Boxes of 20)

We have a wide variety of lens caps currently going out in boxes of 20. these include 39mm, 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm caps.

Kaiser Slimlite Plano DSLR Scanning Light Table

Its a color accurate light table form all your DSLR scanning needs

Storage Bottles

Complete your stock with any of our 1000ml, 500ml or 250ml bottles

Classic Camera Bags

Well built classic style bags, available in two sizes. The medium size bag is suitable for a 35mm camera with 4 lenses or a medium format camera with a couple of lenses. The large bag will fit most medium format cameras with a few lenses or a large format field camera with lenses and holders. Both bags have front and end pockets, a tablet pocket in the back and under lid storage. Inside measure on the medium bag (top picture) is 25cmX11cmX16cm (10″X4.5″X6.5″) and the large bag is 31cmX17cmX21cm (12″X7″X8″. The duck canvas exterior is water resistant and the strap is a wide seat belt style nylon fabric.

120 Film Hard Cases

A very handy hard case for three 120 rolls of film made of light proof material with a tight fitting cap, made to fit in your pocket.

Retro Style Camera Straps

Flic Film carries a wide variety of style for you to try on your camera with iconic locations for strap names out of the 60’s and 70’s. Names like Haight Ashbury, Laurel Canyon, Greenwich Village, Abbey Road and Carnaby Street!

Coming Soon!

My Favs: Scarf Straps

My Favs: Neck Straps

My Favs: Harness

A sleek harness for those that feel a neck strap is too uncomfortable. With it’s nice and easy camera clips, it’s perfect for long days or walks in nature.

UV Filters

Circular Polarizers

Colored Filters

85B Filters

Infrared Filters

Protect your photographs from reduced contrast or discoloration with our Ultraviolet (UV) Filters. 

Darken over-bright skies, reduce reflections and suppress glare from  water-y surfaces with our Circular Polarizer Lenses (CPL). 

Start experimenting with our coloured filters. Get everything from improved contrast in Black & White photographs with our Green filter, improve contrast from cloud to sky with the Yellow, or get a more dramatic look with our Orange and Red!

The 85B color conversion filter allows photographers to shoot Tungsten-balanced (3200°K) film in daylight (5500°K) conditions.

These filters block light up to a 720 NM wavelength, only letting light pass that is higher on the spectrum into infrared. You’re given unreal results like bright white foliage and dramatic skies.